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  QCRA Board of Directors  

Mark Rohlinger.jpg

Mark Rohlinger Chairman

Manager, Bosch Rexroth

Volunteer since 04/2015

Kaiwen Cheng.jpg

Kaiwen Cheng

Owner, KC Business Consulting

Volunteer since 05/2018

David Phillips.jpg

David Phillips

Founder, Faster Glass

Volunteer since 10/2019

Paul Rafferty.jpg

Paul Rafferty

Fractional VP of Sales,

Sales Xceleration

Volunteer since 11/2020

Gretchen Lopez.jpg

Gretchen Lopez

Head of Brand Strategy + Operations, Lowe's Innovation Lab

Volunteer since 02/2021

Christian Dow.jpg

Christian Dow

Executive Vice President

Material Handling Institute (MHI)

Volunteer since 09/2021

Tom McNany.jpeg

Tom McNany

VP of Information Technology

Flow Control Group

Volunteer since 11/2021

Tamara Cornish.jfif

Tamara Cornish

Managing Partner

Knipp Law Office, PLLC

Volunteer since 12/2021

David Schwebel.jpg

David Schwebel

Head of Strategic Business Development

RightHand Robotics

Volunteer since 03/2022

Lisa Meier.jpeg

Lisa Meier

CEO, Managing Partner

Symphonic Leadership Partners

Volunteer since 07/2022

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